Clinton Cash Was First Bush Sr.'s Billions
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27 Apr 2015

Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling "Secrecy, once accepted, becomes addictive." -Edward Teller Buried deep in the collapse of the Soviet Union is George H.W. Bush's successful attempt to obtain the maximum amount of Soviet weapons-grade uranium. A project dubbed "megatons into megawatts," the Bush Administration's corporate warriors...

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File - Chief Justice William Rehnquist administering the oath of office to President George H. W. Bush during Inaugural ceremonies at the United States Capitol. January 20, 1989.
photo: US Library of Congress / Jebur

updated 26 Jun 2014; published 02 Apr 2012
Nuclear Terrorism: Loose Nukes - Trilateral Announcement with Russia and Kazakhstan (2012)
updated 18 Feb 2014; published 19 Aug 2010
Israel doesn't care if it kills The New York Yankees when striking Iran
updated 04 May 2014; published 02 Oct 2009
Iran agrees to give up some of its uranium
updated 01 Mar 2014; published 06 May 2013
US Endorses ISRAEL BOMBING SYRIA:"This Is An Unprovoked Act Of War" & FSA Rebels
updated 17 Aug 2014; published 05 May 2013
Beginning of WW3: ISRAEL BOMBS SYRIA - DAMASCUS Army Research Site
updated 22 Nov 2013; published 06 Mar 2009
Should Obama Continue Covert Operations In Iran? - David Sanger
Terrified thousands huddle in tents as toll crosses 4,000
Full Article The Times of India
27 Apr 2015

KATHMANDU: Quaint Newari homes, half above and half below the road, flashy offices, sprawling villas of Lajimpat, all remained empty here on Monday as Kathmandu residents, still trembling from the quake and rattled by frequent aftershocks, chose to remain outdoors despite the sharp chill, as the toll from the devastating Nepal earthquake reached...

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Nepalese residents gather in an open space at the site of destruction caused after Saturday's earthquake in Bhaktapur, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal, Monday, April 27, 2015.
photo: AP / Niranjan Shrestha

updated 25 Apr 2015; published 25 Apr 2015
Nepal Earthquake 04-25-2015 VIDEO // aftershock Earthquake in nepal Today magnitude 7.9 Kathmandu
updated 26 Apr 2015; published 26 Apr 2015
Nepal Earthquake: Survivors Pulled From Rubble Day After Massive Quake Kills Over 2,200 |VIDEO
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises above 3,000
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
NEPAL EARTHQUAKE - Death toll reaches upwards of 3000 with thousands desperate for help
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
Nepal Quake Victims Despair As Death Toll Rises
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
Nepal Earthquake 25 April 2015 - Death toll passes 3400+(Raw Video)
Russia's Putin: US agents gave direct help to Chechens
Full Article BBC News
27 Apr 2015

By Sarah Rainsford BBC News, Moscow 27 April 2015 From the section Europe Chechen militants had direct contact with US intelligence in Azerbaijan, the Russian leader says Vladimir Putin has accused US agents of directly aiding rebel fighters in the second Chechen war. The Russian President made the comments in a film on state-run television marking...

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Russian President Vladimir Putin walks during a memorial service at the Tsitsernakaberd Genocide memorial complex in Yerevan, Armenia, Friday, April 24, 2015.
photo: AP / Tigran Mehrabyan/PAN Photo

updated 16 Apr 2015; published 16 Apr 2015
Russians question President Putin in live TV phone-in
updated 18 Apr 2015; published 18 Apr 2015
Russia Interview Live 2015 | 'Direct Line’ with president Vladimir Putin 2015 Part 1
updated 05 Sep 2014; published 27 Jan 2014
Vladimir Putin - Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Rothschild Soros
updated 06 Sep 2014; published 27 Mar 2013
Bodyguard face-off video: Putin's, S. African security scuffle at BRICS summit
updated 05 Sep 2013; published 05 Sep 2013
Vladimir Putin: The US Administration is Lying Shamelessly about Syria
updated 28 Feb 2015; published 28 Feb 2015
Vladimir Putin Illuminati Truth about ISIS, Malaysia Air, WW3 Documentary #2
'More of the same': Bashir sweeps Sudan election
Full Article Al Jazeera
27 Apr 2015

Analysts were predicting "business as usual" in Sudan after President Omar al-Bashir won the country's election, garnering 94 percent of the vote. Results for the 450 seats in the Sudanese National Assembly had not been released by the Sudanese National Election Commission as of midday Monday. Bashir, who has ruled the country since coming to power...

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President Omar al-Bashir casts his ballot as he runs for another term, on the first day of the presidential and legislative elections, in Khartoum, Sudan, Monday, April 13, 2015.
photo: AP / Mosa'ab Elshamy

updated 11 Apr 2015; published 11 Apr 2015
With no real opposition, Sudan’s Bashir confident of election victory
updated 17 Apr 2015; published 17 Apr 2015
Al-Bashir set for re-election as polls close in Sudan vote
updated 10 Apr 2015; published 10 Apr 2015
Sudan’s Bashir expected to be re-elected president
updated 11 Apr 2015; published 11 Apr 2015
Sudan’s Bashir Strengthens Regional Ties Ahead of Elections
updated 24 Apr 2015; published 24 Apr 2015
Sudan's Bashir calls country's general elections a success
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
Sudan's President Omar al Bashir Wins Re Election WIth Over 94 Per Cent Votes
Burundi Protesters Clash With Police; Army Deployed
Full Article Voa News
27 Apr 2015

Reuters Police fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters in Burundi's capital on Monday, the second day of demonstrations against the president's decision to run for a third term, a move critics say violates the constitution. “The fight continues,” crowds chanted as about 200 people gathered in Bujumbura's Musaga...

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Burundian riot police and a police water cannon truck patrol following clashes with opposition protesters in a street in the capital Bujumbura, Burundi Sunday, April 26, 2015.
photo: AP / Eloge Willy Kaneza

updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
Burundi police break up new protests against president 2015
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
Burundi police tear-gas anti-Pierre Nkurunziza protesters
updated 22 Jul 2012; published 22 Jul 2012
Bishop Kakobe: Burundi Police & Army Officers Seminar
updated 26 Apr 2015; published 26 Apr 2015
Reports: 2 Burundi Protesters Killed in Clashes With Police
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
Second day of protests in Burundi against president, activists say five dead
updated 27 Apr 2015; published 27 Apr 2015
Thousands flee Burundi amid second day of pre-election violence

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The Hindu
As the death toll in Nepal’s earthquake continues to rise, government on Monday urged people not to pay heed to rumours being spread on social media as members in Rajya Sabha...
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Press TV
Partisans of Israel are not content merely to murder and maim Palestinian civilians. They also launch “weaponized words” against anyone who speaks out against their...
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What was billed as the worst earnings season in five years is jumpstarting a U.S. equities market that had been stuck in neutral for two months. Better-than-forecast results from...

Nepal Earthquake 2015 aftermath.
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9.00 a.m. (0315 GMT) A Nepal police official says at least 4,352 bodies have so far been recovered after last week's massive earthquake that struck just outside of capital Kathmandu. Deputy Inspector General of Police Komal Singh Bam says the toll...
photo: Creative Commons / Krish Dulal
James E. Holmes appears in Arapahoe County District Court with Public Defender Tamara Brady Monday, July 23, 2012, in Centennial, Colo.
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5:05 p.m. (MDT) An attorney for the man who opened fire in a crowded Colorado movie theater says James Holmes experienced a break with reality months before the shooting, soon after he turned 24. Defense lawyer Katherine Spengler says Holmes'...
photo: AP / Denver Post, RJ Sangosti
Death of Freddie Gray Violent rioting and protests including looting occur near the Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore after the funeral of Freddie Gray with seven Baltimorean police officers injured.
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BALTIMORE — Rioters looted stores and hurled rocks and bricks at Baltimore police Monday, injuring several officers just hours after thousands mourned the man who died after suffering a severe spinal injury in police custody. Several hours later, the...
photo: Creative Commons
Palestinian schoolchildren take part in a gathering calling for the rebuilding of their school in Khan Yunis southern Gaza Strip,
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Israel fired on seven United Nations schools during the 2014 Gaza war, killing 44 Palestinians who had sought shelter at some sites, while Palestinian militants hid weapons and launched attacks from several empty UN schools, a UN. inquiry found. “I...
photo: WN / Ahmed Deeb
Libyan rebel fighter is silhouetted next to El Malti Mosque on the way to the city of Bani Walid, Libya, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011.
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Islamic State militants have slit the throats of five journalists working for a Libyan TV station in the eastern part of the country, an army commander said on Monday. The reporters had been missing since August, when they left the eastern city of...
photo: AP / Francois Mori
Nepal Earthquake 2015
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The death toll from Nepal’s earthquake has risen above 3,700 and is expected to increase as rescue workers struggle to reach remote villages two days after the disaster. Reports received so far by the government and aid groups suggest that many...
photo: Creative Commons / Krish Dulal
Zion Square, the annexation of East Jerusalem was met with international criticism. Following the passing of the Jerusalem Law, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution that declared the law "a violation of international law" and requested all member states to withdraw all remaining embassies from the city
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Israeli authorities are reportedly planning to construct more settler units in the occupied Palestinian territories, offering tenders for the construction of 77 homes. Peace Now, an Israeli activist group, said on Monday that 36 of the units are...
photo: Creative Commons / ToastieIL