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Jakarta Post | 2015-07-07

Obama at Pentagon for meetings on Islamic State

President Barack Obama made a rare visit to the Pentagon Monday to get an update from military leaders on the campaign against the Islamic State. Obama's...

The Guardian | 2015-07-07

Sakari Momoi, the world's oldest man, dies in Japan aged 112

The former teacher said healthy eating and plenty of sleep was the key to his longevity ...

MSNBC | 2015-07-07

Not just for white people any more

Solar power is easy to dismiss as a thing for rich white people. But the White House attacked that stereotype on Tuesday....

Yahoo Daily News | 2015-07-07

Judge quits Cambodia's troubled Khmer Rouge trials

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - An international judge announced his resignation from the U.N.-backed war crimes trials in Cambodia on Tuesday, the fourth to quit so far...

CNN | 2015-07-07

Iran talks deadline extended, again -- this time to July 10

Washington (CNN)Negotiators working to broker a deal to rein in Iran's nuclear program on Tuesday extended the talks until the end of the week. State Department...

Open Minds Worldwide

The Washington Post | 2015-07-07

Trey Gowdy pushes back on allegations about Politico leak

The letter from Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) earlier today complaining about a leak to Politico from...

The Washington Post | 2015-07-07

Alert cited by Fox News didn’t confirm an ‘actual shooter’

Fox News found itself in a bind Thursday morning as hordes of emergency vehicles sped to the Navy...

The Guardian | 2015-07-07

The Garrick Club’s vote to keep women out is sad rather than sexist

Who gives a damn about London’s private and male-only Garrick Club? The answer is that its members do, which is their (and incidentally my) business. So do some women, who are the only group specifically barred from membership. They protest at what is an “affinity” society, mostly of actors, writers, lawyers and media types, excluding some members of these professions on grounds of gender. They regard it as unfair and antediluvian in what is still a significant British institution. ...